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The general coverage of this site is purely the compilation of Proxy lists. Irrelevant of how they are used, quality is always important. There is nothing more annoying than spending half an hour looking for a working Proxy on a site only to find there are none.

This is where the concept of a Fresh Proxy list comes into play. Normally on Proxy boards people post any old list they have around which normally contains a ton of false results. The result of this is that everyone is impressed because of the size of the users post, however under inspection the list is not worth the space it takes up in the forum database. This site uses custom made scripts to correct this situation.

All Proxies posted in the Fresh section are immediately tested after they are posted. You are then given information regarding the quality of the list so you can personally make a decision on which list is best for your needs.

For the lazy user, this also allows them to identify a portion of dangerous Proxies well before they become a problem if you do not have the time to test them. All Proxy lists are keyword tested, Anonymity tested, and then checked for extra options the Proxy may posses.

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